Wednesday, 7 March 2012

My unloved soggy veggie garden

We had over 8 inches of rain last week. 8 INCHES!!!!

Luckily we are on a hill as it is very very squishy underfoot. But as I am typing this it is starting to rain AGAIN!! All I can think is Mother Nature must be very upset - that is a lot of tears!

Because of the weather (yes I am going to blame the weather here) I haven't given my veggie garden the love and attention it needs. It deserves really. Its been doing its own thing and growing wild, untamed, and I have only been visiting to feed and put the chooks to bed. And to take the odd veggie for dinner.

So I am posting some pictures to hopefully encourage me to get out there and plant the winter seedlings that have just about outgrown their little seedling trays.

OK motivation - hit me with your best shot!


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