Friday, 16 March 2012

Autumn Harvest

Today we finally managed to get out into the garden. It was a beautiful warm sunny autumn morning and our crab apples and claret ash are starting to change into those awesome autumn hues. We harvested the now meagre crop of almonds (no thanks to the cockatoos and mother nature), removed most of the fruit tree netting and managed to pull up and shred all the old corn stalks for the compost.

In the garden we harvested some eggplants, our first red capsicums of the season, some of the of last remaining zucchinis, a couple of straggly beans and some cayenne chillies. And after scouring through all the rogue tomato bushes across our block, look how many tomatoes I came up with! Better late than never I guess :)

Guess who is going to be cooking up a storm in the kitchen over the weekend?


  1. Great work... glad to see not all was ruined by the rain.

  2. Raspberries and my first red kidney bean crop were the main casualties