Wednesday, 21 March 2012

World Down Syndrome Day

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Today is World Down Syndrome Day, and for the first time, is now officially recognised by the United Nations. You can read more about it here.

The 21st of the 3rd was chosen because it represents 3 copies of the 21st chromosome which is unique to people with Down Syndrome. It is a time when we can all raise awareness of people with Down Syndrome and their families and advocate for their rights, inclusion and well being in society.


My youngest daughter, who is now 5, was diagnosed at birth with Down Syndrome. It was a massive shock for us as we were young parents (28 and 29 respectively), and had had the tests which indicated we were not in a high risk group. But our little cherub decided to grace our family with her presence, and I could ramble on here and say how every day has been wonderful, which it generally has been, but it is also bloody hard work. She has endured eight operations in her five short years here, and continues to have allied health specialists assist her to achieve tasks that most kids achieve without the blink of an eye. BUT...she still achieves albeit a little slower than her peers. And she is a very valued member and willing participant of her preschool and school communities. She is starting Kindergarten next year, and although Miss Independent is ready and raring to go, mummy is not :)

I am a very, very proud mummy of my little girl. Despite the medical setbacks she has had, she has taught us more about life, love, patience and each other than I possibly could have imagined. She has enhanced and brightened our lives and I am so thankful that she has chosen us to be her family.

So lets celebrate World Down Syndrome Day and the beautiful diversity people with Down Syndrome bring to our community. If you don't know someone with Down Syndrome, get out there and get involved! You will be glad that you did!

For those of you in the Canberra region, The ACT Down Syndrome Association is holding a T4321 get together this Sunday 25th March, 9-12pm at Glebe Park stage area in Civic. There will be activities and cup cake decorating on the day. Come along and have a wonderful picnic in the autumn sunshine!