Saturday, 4 August 2012

Frog Pond Stage 1

To quote Dale Kerrigan from the Australian cult movie classic 'The Castle':

"I dug a hole"

Yes, folks that's what we did today. We dug a hole. A hole for our new pond to hopefully entice the frogs out of the swimming pool and not to their untimely death. We are also hoping this little pond will encourage more beneficial insects to our little patch of dirt. And more birds and bees. Preferably those that like aphids and the Cherry/Pear slug.

We chose a site up in our orchard near some existing rocks. I am hoping to incorporate these rocks as well as the ones we picked up on Freecycle to create a little rockery and pond combo.

The chooky girls love a good digging 'cause they get a bellyful of worms.

Gotta love child labour :)

And this is where we got to this afternoon. Next on the agenda is rock placement, overlaps and design. We hope to have some fish living in here as well so will need to make sure they have some hidey holes to dive into. I already have a few water plants sitting in a bucket ready to go.  I hope this little project works!

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Passionfruit vines are deciduous, right? And other dreary winter tales

It's OK...deep down I already know the answer to that question *sigh*

I can probably count on one hand the amount of frost free days we have had in the last couple of months really, so it is understandable that the passionfruit is feeling a little cold. We had a -5 here this morning, the third morning this week at -5 and below.

Maybe this is just a self preservation method, and come spring, new growth and flowers will be revealed.

Maybe the vines were just discarding unwanted leaves.

I think it's time to face facts...its dead.

Other dreary winter tales from the place include:

 - a fireplace that is finished, looks fantastic, but can't be used because of some issues with the builder which means we can't get final council approval. I think I feel colder just by looking at an empty fire. On the up though, its almost spring, warm weather will be here shortly, and we will have no need to use it until next year! Joy!

 - a rat has taken up residence in the greenhouse and has decided that lettuce, peas and rocket are his 'thing'. I hate rats.

 - I have only been half-heartedly doing exercise as it is too cold, even in the house! I am just whingeing!

 - I have been hibernating so bad that I haven't even blogged! Can't believe it has been so long!

Bring on the warmth and new life that comes with spring. We need a little cheering up around here.