Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Future Food Security - will we still have ours?

Sometimes I just stop and wonder what is really going to happen to this world in the next 30-50 years.

 Will I still be able to do this?

I stumbled upon some articles about a New Zealand Food Bill, which "will essentially transfer primary control of food from individuals to corporations under the guise of food security"..."it will also make it illegal to distribute any type of foods based on the bill's language...includes seeds, nutrients, natural medicines, minerals and even water, without expressed government permission".

The article claims that if this bill is passed, it will strip individuals of their right to grow food and preserve the bounty, save seeds and even share produce with friends and family members. The fight is being taken up by the group New Zealand Food Security and you can read more about it here. These are the main two links I have found about this issue, but if what they report is true, could you imagine that happening here in Australia? Not being able to grow a bit of lettuce or some potatoes or herbs to feed your family, or worse, growing them and having them confiscated by 'officials'. But when you stand back, you can see the real reason why they are attempting to introduce this bill - they cannot collect taxes or make money out of people growing their own food and saving seeds to reuse again the following year - can they? Where is the profit in that? But if people are forced to do so with 'government permission'  - read regulations, licences and therefore $$$$ -  then that is ok because the government and corporations who produce seed, will still be able to make a profit. And really, thats what life is all about isn't it - making a profit - not nutritious whole foods to ensure the survival of humanity.

This has linked into a book that I am reading at the moment, 'The Great Disruption' by Paul Gilding, where he talks about the end of economic growth and climate change combining to form the great disruption to society and life as we know it. He talks about how we cannot continue to think in terms of continued growth at the expense of depleting the scarcity of earth's resources. I am about halfway through the book, but I am having a lot of 'light bulb' and 'a-ha' moments as I work my way through. Seeing this story panning out in New Zeland reaffirms for me some of the topics in the book.

I have never in the past been part of an active protest before, but by golly I would be involved if any legislation were ever to be introduced here.

We would probably have to dis-band the Urban Homesteaders Club - imagine that!

Anyway - thats my rant for today! Read the links have a think about the future, I know I am.

(as an aside, I previously blogged about wanting a fireplace to keep warm. Its funny how the universe works sometimes, but the day after I posted that blog, some things happened for us and we are now able to put our fireplace in! I'm very excited! Just awaiting council approval now)