Wednesday, 8 February 2012

We are very excited to announce the safe arrival of...

...Thousands of Bees!!

(Here they are in their little 'travel hive')

Hubby finished the jointly presented CIT and Beekeepers Assoc of the ACT, 'Backyard Beekeeping' course a couple of weekends ago and has been busy preparing for their arrival.

He has been putting together their hive and frames.

We received four frames of bees and honey, although we won't be able to harvest any honey until next summer as this will be the bees food for the winter.

After we positioned their hive it was time to transfer them into their new home.

And here they are, all snug and happy in their new home! We have positioned them behind the new native 'hill', firstly so it is out of the way and the kids won't go near it, and secondly so they will have access to the autumn/wintering flowering shrubs we have planted in that garden.

I am so looking forward to our first harvest of honey next summer!

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  1. How exciting! That is fantastic, and your husband is so clever...