Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Hubby's Summer Project

One of the projects we wanted to achieve over the summer holiday period was to finally fit out the laundry so it had some functionality and a bit of purpose. Previously we had the washing machine with the dryer sitting on top and a flat pack cupboard we put together when we first moved in to store random stuff.

But look at it now!

Our laundry is only small (1.65m x 2.7m), so by putting the bench in, it has created much more space, and also an area to do some jobs (apparently it will be transformed from an area that handles simple dirty clothes to honey processing plant extraordinaire in spring/summer!).  Hubby also built the under cupboard bench, drilled some fancy little holes to pull the power cables through, attached the dryer to the wall and finally put up our retractable inside clothes airer. The airer is awesome! I never thought I would get so excited to actually do washing that I can hang on there but I do!

Lately I have caught myself deliberately leaving the door open, just so I can walk past and go 'ahhhhh' (similar to that guy on the colorbond roof ad where he just stops and stares at his roof with serenading music in the background!).

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