Monday, 21 November 2011

Stop the Clock!

Seriously need to hit the stop button as time is moving way too quick and I have way to much to do!!!!

Where has the last three weeks gone?!? Sheesh! Its like I'm standing still and time is flying. I was looking at my diary today and there are only 3 (!) days in the next 3 weeks that I don't have something planned. 3! Please tell me other people are this busy!

I still have my watermelon and rockmelons to plant out, as well as planting some beans (I'm going to try red kidney beans this year - has the potential to be an epic fail but we shall see!). I have harvested my first 3 tomatoes tonight, and am about to harvest my first of a zillion zucchinis for this season. The garlic and onions are out (might be a bit early for the onions but if I left them any longer they would have been the size of overgrown squash!) and eggplant, capsicum and chilli seedlings are about to go in. I planted my pumpkins out the other day, but not up on the back mound as previously mentioned, but down the front instead. I also picked my first handful of raspberries tonight but they quickly disappeared into four hungry little mouths.

And the most exciting thing is that my kiwi fruit vine has its first two flowers on it! Yay!

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