Monday, 7 November 2011

Once last chance.....

I may be a glutton for punishment, but this time, is the last time....I promise.

After killing countless passionfruit vines  - some with too much love, some with not enough love and others just plain freezing them to death in our cold winters - I have decided that these will be the last two passionfruit vines I plant on our place. If these two don't survive, then that it is it. No fresh passionfruit for us.

So here they are. The last two passionfruit. I have decided to encroach on a small part of the kids play area and plant them up against the north facing shed wall which will hopefully keep them warmer in winter, and the kids trampoline which normally sits in front of them on the grass, will protect them from frosts. If they grow big enough, they will also help cool the shed as well.

Fingers crossed .......


  1. Good luck Bek. We have also been through two sets of passionfruit vines, with them always dying off in winter (they were on a west wall, under an eave, so I thought that would protect them enough).

    We have now replaced them with kiwi vines, and they are going great so far - much happier with frost. Anyway, good luck with yours!

  2. Thanks Rachel! Although I am not so confident after your comment!