Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Spring time happenings on the block

Finally spring is here! After receiving over 50mls last week, everything is growing before my eyes in this balmy 25C weather :) 

Thought I would give a picture tour of the happenings in our food production area.

The veggie garden as of this morning. The red dirt piles are the posts for fencing off our veggie garden to the chooks and the fat resident bunny who keeps popping his head up from time to time.

Broad beans in flower

More broad beans and snow peas in the foreground (the broad bean felafels were a hit last year!)

Savoy cabbage which I am hoping will come to a head and not bolt.

Our newest addition - rhubarb

Plenty of seedlings, herbs and trees to plant out in the next month. I'm keeping the milk cartons to make cloches and maybe some wicking pots.

This morning's harvest - silverbeet, cauliflower and eggs

Carrots found hiding in the weed infested salad garden. They are now in my belly!

The strawberries are going ridiculous since the rain

Blueberries in flower with strawberry plant companions...and weeds

3-way pear in flower

Cherry tree just starting to come into bloom

Our mulberry tree - all baring late frosts we should get a decent crop this year! (You may need to squint hard to see the fruit but they are there)

The almond tree - with almonds already!

The peach tree with tiny peaches forming

and same with the apricots.

Happenings around Murrumbateman
Floriade is on again in Canberra and I have been helping out at the Urban Agriculture Australia stand enticing people to grow more edibles on their balconies, courtyards and backyards. If you are heading to Floriade, check out the display and also their website which has some very useful fact sheets 

Murrumbateman Field Days is gearing up again for 19/20 October. Check out their website for more details 

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