Saturday, 28 January 2012

Bare rooted fruit tree labels say the darndest things

A couple of weeks ago the family and I headed out to the Urban Homesteaders Club at Eat at Dixibelle's place. It was a great afternoon to see around her garden and chat with like minded people. This was the first time I have taken my kids and they seemed to have a ball playing with all the other kids that came this time. Next get together is at our place so we are busy preparing to have everyone around!

On a tour of her garden, hubby and I were admiring her nectarine tree with lovely ripe nectarines gracing the branches, when I turned to hubby and said " You know, our nectarines don't look like that - they are....fuzzy", hubby agreed. After we came back home and checked the tree, we realised that the bare rooted tree we planted two and a half years ago and only bared fruit for the first time this year, was not in fact a nectarine like we thought, but actually....a peach tree!!!

I guess it is just lucky we planted another TWO peach trees this year as didn't think we had any!

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