Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Hmmm..can't see previous post on Feedly....

Hello all,

Although I posted to my blog with a link to a working document that I have for Assignment 2, I don't think it has been updated on Feedly as I haven't been able to see it there.....

technology ..hey...

Anyway, attempt  #2......

I have a working draft document where I am trying to continually refine the research topic. I would love your feedback, to access click on the link and leave a comment


  1. Hi Murra Mumma
    There's lots of really interesting theory there, so far. I'm envious, as I've barely scratched the surface of theory for my project. I like where you're going with your ideas around heutagogy and self-determined learning.
    It would be great, now, to have more detail on your planned intervention. Where will your groups come from? How will you find the answers to your questions? Will there be observable actions or data that demonstrate learner motivation, for example?
    Congratulations on getting so far with this.

    1. Thanks for your input Lisa - much appreciated. yes the plan is where I am getting stuck. I'm not so great on actually designing the research to support the arguments I am trying to make.

  2. Good morning, I have to agree with Lisa here about the theory you have included, it sounds great. I put a couple of very short comments on the document. It looks as though you have decided who you are going to work with to find answers to your questions, it's the measuring part that seems difficult. That is, how do you measure if learning something outside of work increases the creativity and learning within the workplace? I gather that the tasks you are speaking of relate to this :) I look forward to reading the final product. Charm

    1. Thanks for your comments Charm! I agree I have issues with the 'measuring' aspects of this task