Sunday, 25 October 2015

Feedback wanted please!

After reading through the DBR proposal I realised that in order to answer this question, I needed to take a lightly different tack from my 'As teacher' proposal. I am not too sure if I am on the right track, so I opened a google doc to keep track of comments and feedback on my proposal.

 My question, so far (still tweaking it) is:

Can using principles of heutagogy in an informal NETGL environment enhance adult learners’ meta-cognitive skills, and, can these skills be transferable to a workplace environment to enhance capabilities, creativeness and innovativeness of the organisation?

Being as technically challenged as I am (oh! - I finally figured out how to turn the kraut video into public viewing!), I am hoping everyone should have access to this link and be able to leave comments, if not, please let me know!

To access the document please click on this link

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