Sunday, 6 September 2015

Connecting to the World as a teacher

I was interested to read this article about the use of Twitter in innovation and scouting of ideas.

As previously mentioned, as part my attempt to become more 'networked' I recently opened a new twitter account. Suffice to say I have absolutely no idea how to use it or what being connected will now open my doors to, but needless to say, I am now on Twitter.

This particular article was interesting as I started to think about how this would apply to me as a teacher in NETGL and my aspirations to teach permaculture. And by 'teach' I mean initially as helping others to learn, and not in a traditional and formal teaching classroom (although I would perhaps like it to head that way eventually).

In particular the article talks about using Twitter to become and 'idea scout' (to do this I would need to greatly increase who I follow, and have a diversity in the people I follow, ie not just all 'permaculture people') and an 'idea connector' by sharing useful information and analysing trends in the data presented.

Interestingly, the article mentioned how many professionals built up a presence this way with their followers, which eventually lead to engagement in a face to face scenario.

I think I need to reassess how I look at my twitter account and the connections I should be making. 

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