Monday, 7 September 2015

Connecting to Communities

After reading through Lauren's post about her connections and the support she was gaining from other like minded people in her running community, and taking into consideration the CLEM approach,  I thought it best to investigate some communities for my own sauerkraut and fermenting journey.

I went back to Sandor Katz's website and found this forum with plenty of newbies buzzing around the place asking plenty of 'me type' questions - ie what are these specs?, how much brine? how much salt? Could this be mould? Sounds like my kinda place :) I have yet to post anything, but I am definitely 'lurking'.

I know David is anti-facebook, however I do feel it opens up a wide range of connecting to people in the first instance, to then be able to get away from Facebook (if you can...).

Although I am part of a group called 'The Urban Homesteaders' which is a local group who talk all things growing , baking, building and fermenting, I was sure there would have to be a more specific fermenters group. After a bit of searching (and stalking other users!) I found this Facebook Group which I am now a member of Preserving, Fermenting and Healthy Eating Australia (its a closed groups so I am unsure if the link will work). I have made a few first tentative posts about fermenting but no responses as of yet.

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