Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The Wild Fermenter

After doing some more research into this sauerkraut business, I stumbled across the 'superstar' of the fermenting world - Sandor Katz. He has written the book 'The Art of Fermentation' and maintains the Wild Fermentation website.

The youtube video I  have linked to below is a very interesting watch if you have the time. Here I am focussing on the cabbage to the sauerkraut transformation, hopefully getting to an edible end product, with little thought for the actual process.

In the video Katz talks about microbes, and bacteria in particular, and how our bodies are made up of over a trillion of the little guys, each with their own distinct colonies in different parts of the body. These bacteria, according to Katz, actually outnumber the genetic material in our body 10:1.

What is even more interesting is the connection between the bacteria on the food we consume and the interaction with bacteria in the gut. Although gut bacteria is a hot topic in research circles at the moment, with gut bacteria and its functions linked with autism, and other diseases such as cancer, bowel issues, obesity, diabetes and asthma, it is still an area under researched and not fully understood.

Fermenting foods, like sauerkraut, is the pre-digesting of the food by microbes. Katz claims by eating fermenting foods you are enriching the bacteria in your gut by providing different genetic bacteria material to the existing colonies of bacteria in your gut.

Combine this with organic cabbage, like the ones growing in my veggie patch, with no pesticides or chemicals added, there will be *hopefully* more natural bacteria on the cabbages, and therefore an even healthier or more diverse population of bacteria in the end product? Well one can hope.

I hope you enjoy the video.

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