Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Some intial thoughts as Me as a Learner

What would you like to learn? Why? 
  • I am considering learning how to perfect the art of sauerkraut making.
    Really I am looking to learn how to not make a pile of mushy mouldy mess and something that is edible.

    I would like to learn how to make this for two reasons;

    1. I planted the motherload of cabbages in my veggie garden this season with the intent to learn this. Given it is now August, I am going to be swimming in cabbages shortly. I need to know how to make this.

    2. The bacteria from sauerkraut is extremely beneficial for human gut bacteria. This is an area of interest for me and I would like to learn more.

How suited do you think it will be to learning via NGL? What will be the benefits and the barriers?

          I think this will be well suited to online learning, even though the practical component will not be, but I hope to learn using online videos, forums and readings.

What is learning?

Learning is firing up the neuron connections and sparking a change in the way you think/feel/act/behave.


  1. Hi, sounds like a great task for learning online. I have learned that it is surprisingly healthy too. This link from killer pickles may inspire you :) http://www.killerpickles.com/klassic-kraut/ It will be interesting to hear how you go and see a few pictures. Good luck - Charm.

    1. Thanks for the link Charm! How are your Chickens going?

  2. I can't wait to see how you go. I've always wanted to try this, but have been too afraid of poisoning myself and my family by cultivating the wrong kinds of bugs and not knowing the difference. A friend uses kefir whey as a starter for her fermented veg and says she has had some great success. Another uses celery juice - from a Mercola recipe. Good luck!

    1. Thanks Lisa!

      I currently brew Kombucha and Kefir, as well as preserve so I'm not too worried about killing us :) I did in the beginning though and never gave anything to the kids after I had tried it on myself for about a week first!

      Good to know about the kefir whey - will have to look into that further!

  3. Sounds like a great plan. Also reveals one of the weaknesses of this type of networked learning - an inability for the rest of us to taste the outcomes.

    Which does bring me to another point in terms of learning, and one that I've been thinking about. Is the point of learning just about consuming the resources that are out in the network - the readings, videos etc you mention - or does it also include you producing some of your own resources.

    e.g. as part of my "as learner" task, I'm thinking that Mr 10. and I will need to record and share some audio. Preferably as part of a broader conversation, but I'm not sure if my introvert tendencies will stretch that far.

    1. The definition of what 'learning' actually is has been debated in just about every subject I have studied in some shape or form. At the very core, I believe learning to be the 'changing' of some aspect - whether that be one's behaviour, thought pattern, emotions etc. After all, isn't the biological basis of learning the creation of new neural pathways? Isn't that why it is very difficult to 'unlearn' certain behaviours, because you need to create and strengthen the new pathways?

      So in reference to your comment about 'consuming' resources - perhaps you are not 'learning' unless there is some type of change? Ask me about information from one of the earlier subjects I studied and I probably couldn't repeat it to you. Does this mean I have actually 'learned' anything? Probably not, unfortunately, if you go by my definition.

      So by producing your materials, you are reinforcing or creating new ways to do things, and thus you are learning? So perhaps yes, learning does require some action on the learner's behalf.