Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Looking back - Me as a Student

Me as student
  • Describe your prior experiences as a learner in this program. What did you like? What didn’t work? What haven’t you seen that you would like?
I have almost come to the end of my studying online. I originally chose to study online to fit in with my family and work commitments and not physically having to be in a certain place at a certain time.  Technology has changed dramatically, even since I started studying online three years ago. I worry that as my formal learning in an online environment draws to a close, how I am going to keep up with all the new technologies and programs designed to make one's life easier. How am I going to continue to learn about them?

The study conducted by Bell et al, resonated with me, that although some courses 'got it' in terms of teaching online, other subjects simply moved the content from hardcopy 'book/periodical' form into online materials. I didn't find these subjects particularly challenging, and honestly a little stagnate, considering the endless possibilities in teaching knowledge to adults.

I particularly hated group work in an online environment - that is not flexible! Again trying to take an aspect of 'real life university' coursework and translate into an 'online environment' just didn't work.
  • What is NGL? What do you currently know about it?
As can be seen by my blog, I have dabbled in a bit of online informal learning by connecting with other blogs, and also interested parties through my blog.  My knowledge of the possibilities of NGL is minimal but hope to learn more during this course.
  • What have you previously learned that is related to NGL?
The majority of my learning related to NGL is related not to university coursework but to personal interests. I think this gives an indication of the path I should be travelling with my own 'teaching'. I found Day et al's reading particularly interesting and this notion of to be a good teacher (in my mind) and create the inspiration and motivation in students, is to be able to draw on your own identities and motivations and promote this in your teaching. As a student, I find it is hard to not get motivated and have a real curiosity sparked when the teacher is fully engaged and conveys the subject matter as 'the best thing out there', their enthusiasm and knowledge is nothing but infectious. The difficultly is conveying this in an online environment. But I think it can still be done by developing your own online voice.
  • How have you previously performed your student role? What practices and tools do you use? 
After having completely 'bagged' teachers in their conversion to online learning, I must confess I revert back to 'traditional' student tendencies - notebook and readings :(
  • How do these fit with the idea of NGL and what you know so far of this course? 
I need to improve that's for sure!
  • What do you want out of this course? What aren’t you seeing from the course that you’d like to see?
Unsure at this point. Perhaps tools to make learning easier once I leave the formal learning environment.

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