Sunday, 16 August 2015

Commencing the Sauerkraut learning journey

I am taking it waaaay back to the beginning of sauerkraut making. Here are my little babies :) Homegrown organic cabbages - although I am having doubts as to whether these will be large enough to use by the end of the course!

Although these ones look a little bit eaten! (They are mixed in with the broad beans)

I have begun my search into making sauerkraut from scratch, and luckily today these posts came across my Facebook news-feed (isn't it freaky how technology is now preempting your thoughts before you have even enlisted Google's help!). The first is from Nourished Kitchen. I really like this website as they have some good information and recipes that come across the news feeds. She mentions using a crock like these ones to ferment however, I am not particularly fond of paying a huge amount of money for something I am not too sure we are even going to use! But gives a good indication of the actual process to go through.

I then stumbled across this website from the Kitchn on how to ferment sauerkraut using Mason jars. This sounds a much better solution at this point in my fermenting travels as I have an abundance of these jars from when I preserve sauces and stocks. Also I have read that using smaller jars is better as you are not constantly opening a large fermented jar and contaminating the contents.

I really need to do some more research into how to not let them go mouldy.


  1. Can't see your produce, looks like including the images hasn't worked

  2. Thanks for letting me know, as all appears fine from my end. Will investigate further.

  3. All fixed. Though I must admit to struggling to be excited about cabbages.